Story Time!

Hi! I'm Laura. Nice to meet you. :) Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

My blog address isn't my most creative moment. Very simplified thought process because I am rooting for myself in 2012, as I've made a lot of changes in one year. I wasn't always overweight but I am now. The struggle has mainly been the last two years. Before that, I always set my mind to it and conquered it. Now, I have to work very hard at it. I guess it's a 30+ thing?
This blog is about my progress (or lack of progress) between now and the Tough Mudder in VA Beach in June 2013 that I signed up for with my friends. I'm taking myself from a plus size woman down to a much smaller size (this is a prediction!).

Here's my story over time:

As a little one growing up in NY, I had no weight problems,
so with certainty, I can say, it was an adult problem!

Senior prom! I have my arms wrapped around my cousin.

Freshman year of college with my brother back in Mattituck, NY (where we grew up).

Standing on the roof of my law firm in DC.

In Cape Cod with my cousin for a "girl's weekend."

Easter at my parent's house dressed up after church watching the kids hunt for eggs.

Enjoying an irish car bomb with my friend Scott from high school and another friend's wife.

Well, I think it's time to introduce the guest of this blog because in late 2007, the big baby belly arrived! I had a tiny baby. There's no excuse for the size that I grew to during my pregnancy!

A pregnant woman surrounded by baked goods only drinking water, how is this possible? :)
That's 'cause I knew I could take 'em all home for myself! lol

Here I am, 8 months pregnant and larger than life. At this point, I started
working from home because everything was swollen.
About three weeks after my son was born in 2008. I had lost at least 30lbs
but as you can tell, I'm still overweight and still swollen.
I broke a PR post baby at this race. I also injured myself and had to
stop running for awhile. The break from running turned into three years.

In this picture, I had lost a lot of baby weight by running.

Little man is about 1.5 years old in this picture.

I had lost all of the baby weight completely in this picture.

Unfortunately, the months after this picture was taken, a few life tragedies took it's toll and depression took over causing me to gain weight, as well as the anti-depressants caused some significant carbaholic syndrome in me.

May 2012 with my adopted sister at a family gathering....
the height of my weight gain

August 2012.

November 2012

November 2012

5k on 12/2/12 with Christina

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