Ready to run!

I'm running a race this Sunday with Christina.

The best thing about races is that you're competing against yourself. Even better, I didn't train for my 5k in September so I feel this will set a good example as to how far I've come.

My ultimate goal in this race is to run without stopping.

Feel the burn!

This has been my favorite saying during a race for years. When my mind says break time, I just remind myself to FEEL THE BURN! Seriously, this is why we all run, right? To master running for self achievement but to also get/stay in shape! Why not feel the burn?

Anyhoo, it's a saying that amuses me for no particular reason after a race with a co-worker. Three weeks prior to the race, I didn't run at all. On race day, I did not have my head in the game. My co-worker wasn't having any of my excuses.

I was told to get my ass out there, run and shut up. I listened.


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