WEEK ONE - Paleo

Have you heard of paleo?

I think everyone, at this point, has heard of it. At least, one way or another.

I learned about paleo through friends, blogs and the news. I was very hesitant to try it due to going too far outside my comfort zone, plus my son would hate it and I have food allergies to boot. With that said, I am still unhappy with my weight so obviously, I need to do something different, so while watching friends have success of paleo, it became clear to give it a try.

Alright, so onto the subject at hand....

WEEK ONE....on paleo is over! What have I learned?

My body likes avoiding grains and dairy! More importantly, my constant hungry feeling decreased significantly. I've noticed that I am hungry only at appropriate times, rather than all day long, like I was before. This is only week one accomplished, so I can't say for certain that I will always feel this way. Right now though, this is my body's reaction to the changes.

The first day or two was very overwhelming because I decided to jump into this style of eating with both feet first. I felt that if I tried to learn every detail about it prior to doing it, I would never do it. A few days in, I purchased a book called The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf, which gave me the insight that I needed to understand the basics. Truthfully, as long as you understand the basic concept of Paleo, I think you can make day to day decisions and learn as you go. Otherwise, it's really too overwhelming and too much information at once. Also, if you're a perfectionist, it kind of sets you up for failure because when it comes to eating and life, failure will happen. We just need to accept that it's life when it happens and move the silly nilly on.

One of those failures that came for me was while I was eating sweet potatoes for dinner one night last week. It didn't occur to me until ten minutes into dinner that a sweet potato is likely, not a vegetable. I mean, it is a vegetable but it's a starchy vegetable. I sat there and debated in my head whether they were paleo or not. The logic went like this...."are sweet potatoes a starch or a vegetable? Well, does it really matter because it's not like I put sugar on them, nor was it even sweet potatoes that got me fat in the first place. Maybe, I should continue eating them?" I love those moments when you're starting a new eating plan but you're not sure if you had a well intentioned screw up or not.

There was one ill intentioned screw up. Come Saturday, I had cravings for anything from mint chocolate chip ice cream to just a slice of bread. Yes, cravings galore. This was not necessarily being hungry but more, desire for what I hadn't been eating all week. I satisfied it with popcorn. Processed popcorn from one of those microwave bags. Hey...sometimes, you have to compromise between your brain and your body. I had something I wasn't suppose to have but it wasn't the ice cream or the cake that would possibly have killed any dedication that I had to staying on plan.

Week one is over and I'm very satisified with all that I accomplished that week, even the 4.5 lb loss!


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