This means war!

Make no mistake about it. Changing your eating style is going to war, against yourself.

Yes, war.

You will be fighting yourself because no one else is going to be standing between you and the cabinet or the fridge containing whatever you shouldn't be eating. At this point in life, you're an adult. You should be able to control what goes from the plate to your mouth (good lord, I hope you aren't eating out of the carton!). With that said, if you're reading this post, then you know what I mean. No further explanation is necessary.

'nuff said.

The thing about the war on yourself, to change your eating style, is that you need an army accompanied with an arsenal prepared to fight this war. There are people that just wave the flag shortly into the war. They become overwhelmed. They become scared. Then, they just flippin' give up.

They had plans, hopes and dreams but they failed to execute them successfully. Then, there are others that come in prepared with a complete army. They're the ones you read the success stories on. I want to be the one swooping in with the complete army because I plan to succeed.

So let's plan a successful war with that army on our side.

Okay, wait, I haven't succeeded yet so I am planning my complete army with my arsenal to execute my very sneaky strategic tactics to win.

Necessary items for war on yourself:

#1. An adviser.

I have one. By sheer accident, did we come across each other in a Mom's group but I'm very glad we did, as we certainly kick ass and accomplish a lot together.

You touch base with your adviser. Furthermore, the adviser lets you know how to proceed when you've arrived at a touch and go scenario.

Example: Your back is sore. Should you take a few days off from my training or keep on with it? Personally, I sometimes over do it so it's good to have someone tell me to take the rest. Some people abuse the "oh, I have an ache" to skip out on a workout. Sometimes, you need that "adviser" person to keep you on track. The adviser can determine if you're just trying to get out of working out. Said adviser will weight in on the subject to decide.

Your adviser also serves the role of cheerleader. Sometimes, we need some cheer in our corner. Getting back into shape can be a very lonely road with lots of ups and downs. It's great to have someone there during an up for that positive reinforcement.

#2. Goals.

You need some goals. Something you aspire to achieve. This is your motivation. Well, I want to achieve my goals, aka tough mudder and a half marathon BUT I also just want to wear a bikini next summer without scaring anyone or turning heads for the wrong reasons. Yes, sheer vanity.  My goals, will essentially help me reach my ultimate goal. I set my eyes on the physical accomplishments because there is no exact science to ensuring I have a bikini friendly body by a certain time, unless I pay a surgeon.

Yes, I want to be healthy and keep up with my son. Being overweight is not easy when you have a very active four year old that you sometimes struggle to keep up with!

#3. How To.

How am I going to look good in a bikini? Well, I will be using old faithful: diet and exercise.

First, I need to run 3-4 days a week and cross train with Jillian's Total Ab Workout at home for the time being. I've been running 3-4 days a week for awhile now. I also plan to start CrossFit at a gym in town come January.

Second, I will follow the paleo eating plan hardcore for the next 6.5 months. Theoretically, I could do "primal" which allows for some "breaks" in the eating plan. I think, for the time being, paleo is fine for me. I have a lot of weight to lose right off the bat so I think indulgence isn't something I need to do yet. Watch me eat my words though (pun intended)!

That's my how to. How do you plan to accomplish your goal?

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