Changing Gears.

Time to change gears!

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I think, if I want to stick with it....stay the extra mile....give it all I got....I'm running out of cliches....BUT, if I am going to "stick with it," I have to do something that I want to "stick with." I've found myself more interested in doing Jillian Michael workouts than what has usually lit a fire under my butt, running. I am going to continue with running but back down from the attempt at distance running. I think distance running will be something for me to accomplish once I meet some other goals first.

For now, I really want to do Jillian Michael's Body Revolution but I have to wait a little bit until after the holiday financial crunch. Instead, I've used my money on purchasing two gym mats to save my aching 33 year old bones.

Truthfully, my reason for the investment in this gym mat (it is an investment because I've contemplated this purchase for awhile!), is both due to softer impact but also subdues the sounds/wall shaking effect of the impact. Have you ever jumped up and down in a living room with stuff on the shelves and end tables? I find myself not really giving the workouts my full effort because I'm afraid a fire engine is going to roll off the playroom shelves during a burpee, hitting the floor with a glorious lights 'n sirens effect. This will wake up the whole house, as I usually workout before dawn.

The plan is for the gym mats to cover a six by six foot area, which is a majority of my son's playroom that I've been working out in....hence, the reason why I do it before he wakes up. Otherwise, he'll come in the playroom with every intention of playing with his toys but will instead find his sweaty Mom. Well, back to the plan, the mats will arrive sometime before Christmas. In the mean time, I will continue on with the six week six pack abs and once the mats arrive, I will give 30 day shred a try.


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