Well, to put it concisely, week four was a total bust.

I regained everything I had lost completely back this past week, which started with some french toast, a cinnabun and a mint chocolate chip sundae on my 5k race day (12/2/12). Yeah, I ate all of that after the race because it felt like a good idea. Well, it just snowballed from there. I think only one or two days in the last week, did I eat on plan. The rest, I just said screw it.

Now, I have to say, in my first weekly review of paleo, I explained that I was giving this lifestyle a shot. I figured, four weeks is good enough to see if it works for me, after seeing friends and so many other people succeed on it.

I've figured out a few things.

Lesson Learned #1. If I'm doing paleo, the only way it works is if I actually do it without any cheats. One small cheat (like the one over Thanksgiving), cancels out any weight loss for the week. Anything larger than a small cheat results in a gain (like this past week!)!

Lesson Learned #2. I love ice cream, cookies and all those wonderful things. I don't exactly crave them while I'm doing paleo but I do remember the enjoyment of consuming them. I can easily stay away from them if I remind myself that this will only hinder my progress.

Lesson Learned #3. Eating on paleo is encouraging and inspires me to conquer my weight loss/fitness goals. Overall, I do a lot better on this plan than I have on other plans in years.

Lesson Learned #4. Eating on paleo actually gives me extra energy. I am less likely to sleep through my alarm clock the day after eating paleo than I am doing what I would have normally done.

These are four reasons why I am sticking with paleo from now on. I had considered Weight Watchers and other diet/lifestyle changes that I have tried over the years. Some have worked with a lot of success but not for the long term.

So paleo, you and I are going to be sticking together through this windy path to fitness.

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